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Bring a little Astral Jukebox into your life!

Astral Jukebox is Seattle’s newest Alt Rock powerhouse and premier rock party band. Astral Jukebox alt rock collective brings together many Seattle music icons around a power trio devoted to pushing rock further faster. John Isenhart on bass and Kurt Acheson on drums are a force to be reckoned with, playing and recording with multiple collectives for decades. Brett Heron leads on guitar and vocals with a lot of surprises and unrestrained intensity. Astral Jukebox shows are a party atmosphere where anything can happen and you never know who might show up. With a new album out in June, Astral Jukebox is showcasing around the PNW with the a mission to seize the moment, the music, and the hearts of rock fans everywhere. Astral Jukebox can provide your next event with unmatched soul and energy. Shows can be tailored to each event for a unique experience for all ages or a non-stop party juggernaught of rock. Full equipment rental services, setup and tear down can be provided for corporate events, festivals, block parties, and private events. Spend your next event with Astral Jukebox and get ready to celebrate.


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Astral Jukebox
High Resolution Astral Jukebox Logo
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John Isenhart, Kurt Acheson, Brett Heron
Astral Jukebox Band
John Isenhart, Brett Heron, Kurt Acheson of Astral Jukebox.
Astral Jukebox Band
John Isenhart, Kurt Acheson, and Brett Heron of Astral Jukebox