A Beautiful Catastrophe

We are releasing new alternative music in the spring of 2022. A Beautiful Catastrophe is the debut album from Astral Jukebox.    Many of the songs reflect the journey and the events leading up to the the album.    Most of the album intentionally focuses on the more enjoyable aspects of our journeys.   We Get Together is a song about prioritizing relationships and living over chasing the fleeting aspects of materiality. Neon Nights is about the wild ride so many of us embark on as young adults.     The album also contains sober ideals, such as Cocoon, which is a song about personal transformation. Head and Soul is about giving yourself over completely to someone else.   We composed most of these songs between 2016 to 2020 during the artist’s time living in Seattle. Listen now at our site.

We are recording at London Bridge Studios in Seattle with help from producers Jonathan Plum, Eric Lilavois, and Geoff Ott, all veterans of the Seattle music scene. These professionals worked with everyone from Pearl Jam to Brandi Carlisle. They bring a wealth of experience and wisdom as well as a few fun stories of Seattle music’s gritty past.     The musicians could not be more amazing with Ben Smith on drums and Andy Stoller on bass. Kathy Moore brings the heat on guitar and Dave Gross takes us to church on B3 organ.     Brett joins in on various tracks on acoustic guitar and keyboards as well.     These musicians bring so much creativity and experience to the sessions. They gained the freedom to paint and explore on their own, making this album a truly collaborative experience.   

Diverse Musical Themes  

The audience will recognize the main theme which is to live and love life to the fullest each day.    There are a few not-so-subtle nods to how we should try to interact with the world. It is a celebration of this brief and fleeting ride.     The tracks on this album represent the diversity of musical tastes and talents of everyone involved.  As a result, it is difficult to place this within a typical genre. Evolving reggae beats and heavy metal mix with gospel and blues to create something truly unique and uniquely Seattle.   A Beautiful Catastrophe will leaving you with a smile on your face, a tap in your foot. Hopefully, you leave with a few provoking thoughts in your head.  Check out London Bridge Sessions for some of the fun we are having getting this album together.

This album is coming together “beautifully” with some amazing Seattle musicians and outstanding production crew at London Bridge Studios.

Brett Heron