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Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Astral Jukebox, a sensational psychedelic alternative rock band hailing from the vibrant city of Seattle. Prepare to embark on a cosmic journey as we unfold a tale of extraterrestrial magic and unearthly melodies.

Legend has it that in a distant galaxy, a benevolent alien being descended upon our planet, bearing a gift unlike any other. This otherworldly visitor carried with them the ethereal harmonies and mind-altering rhythms of a new musical dimension, one that would captivate and inspire all who embraced its intoxicating embrace.

From the very moment the alien’s ethereal tunes touched our ears, a seismic shift occurred, awakening a collective consciousness to a new sonic reality. It was as if the universe itself conspired to birth a band that would translate this celestial gift into a kaleidoscope of sound, and thus, Astral Jukebox was born.

With their transcendent melodies and enigmatic lyrics, Astral Jukebox enchants audiences with a sonic tapestry that transcends earthly boundaries. Their music resonates with the pulsating energy of the cosmos, casting a spell that transports listeners to realms unknown. It’s an invitation to embrace the extraordinary, to dive headfirst into a sonic odyssey that defies conventions and ignites the spirit.

All The Kings Men

Led by the magnetic vocals of Brett Heron, Astral Jukebox weaves a sonic tapestry with Kurt Acheson’s thunderous drums, John Isenhart’s soul-stirring bass, and Tony Harder’s electrifying guitar. Together, they create a harmonious blend that encapsulates the very essence of cosmic wonder.

Within the constellation of their discography, you’ll find prominent stars like “Beautiful Catastrophe,” an anthem that melds beauty and chaos into a breathtaking soundscape. “Drug” takes you on a mind-altering trip through swirling melodies and hypnotic rhythms. “Push” propels you forward with an irresistible force, urging you to surrender to the pulsating beat. And “Serenity” offers a tranquil respite, a moment of blissful reflection amidst the cosmic storm.

So, dear traveler of sound, join us on this extraordinary voyage with Astral Jukebox. Let their music guide you through the uncharted depths of the universe, where boundaries blur, and possibilities abound. Open your mind, ignite your senses, and let the melodies of the alien’s gift resonate within your very soul. Together, we’ll traverse the cosmic expanse, one note at a time, in harmonious unity.

Astral Jukebox Instrument Collection
Astral Jukebox Instrument Collection


Brett Heron

Astral Jukebox is the primary creative outlet for songwriter / composer / arranger Brett Heron. He is a musician, vocalist, husband, father, activist, nature lover, and all-around lover of life…

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